Bruno Munari - Speak Italian: The Fine Art of the Gesture

Speak Italian was first published in 1958 by artist, photographer and sculptor Bruno Munari. The photographs capture something from a time long since past, but the gestures themselves are still as current as can be. The book (a bilingual edition) was reissued a number of years ago by Chronicle Books.”


LOLOL look at this! One is completely wrong. The one with the eye. That’s not what that means. When you do that, what it means is that you or someone else you’re referring to is sly as a fox. LOL, quite literally. So what’s stated here is WROOOONG! LOLOL

And, the one with the finger on the open hand, NEVER seen it in my entire life. Truly, it must be some very old gesture that is not used anymore.

la seconda è stra-usata nel Sud Italia, significa anche “questa me la segno,non la dimenticherò facilmente”. Spesso detto accompagnato da  detto siciliano ” ca sutta non chiovi” = qui sotto non piove. aliasvaughn

"Well, I mean I think catching killers is pretty extreme…and then there’s marrying you." 

Stana is everythiiing 

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This is so much better than scrabble.

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Katherine Beckett, NYPD’s finest, is a terrible terrible funny actress

Stana is so perfect **

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A glass of wine from Beckett to Beckett.

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"The biggest tease for me was more the last episode that I directed, last season, when we had a love scene and I was directing a sex scene. It was quite an elaborate sex scene for Olivia and Fitz and she was making fun of me about like my underwear and the fact that I was getting a little old and, y’know, the kind of underwear that Fitz would wear, and that I shouldn’t try to be too youthful because men of a certain age you know…so that was, yeah we had fun with that."

Tony Goldwyn in tonight’s podcast. Still acting as the captain of the ship. (via scandalouscastleanatomy)





Please note how Shonda did her best to screw the fandom. If you don’t realize that is what this stupid convo was about, think again.

Oh she gave you your paring but at a cost. Get it as close to be meaningless as possible. Well done, you sack of shit, Shonda.

That is how I took it too.

I didn’t take it like that. I took at as she felt that sleeping with him was betraying Fitz.  Either way, I’m happy Olivia Nope told Choke Ballard she loved Fitz.

I absolutely didn’t take it like that either. And I explained why. Now those who want to be negative at all costs can carry on. I’m not going to discuss  it. The whole scene and listened to does NOT sound like they make it sound in the gifs, the end.

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Marcello Mastroianni e Monica Vitti.
"Dramma della gelosia - Tutti i particolari in cronaca" (Ettore Scola, 1970).