Please note how Shonda did her best to screw the fandom. If you don’t realize that is what this stupid convo was about, think again.

Oh she gave you your paring but at a cost. Get it as close to be meaningless as possible. Well done, you sack of shit, Shonda.

That is how I took it too.

I didn’t take it like that. I took at as she felt that sleeping with him was betraying Fitz.  Either way, I’m happy Olivia Nope told Choke Ballard she loved Fitz.

I absolutely didn’t take it like that either. And I explained why. Now those who want to be negative at all costs can carry on. I’m not going to discuss  it. The whole scene and listened to does NOT sound like they make it sound in the gifs, the end.

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Marcello Mastroianni e Monica Vitti.
"Dramma della gelosia - Tutti i particolari in cronaca" (Ettore Scola, 1970).

A more serious question… Why do we keep gettin’ Jack shirtless with his lousy body every week when we haven’t seen Tony -perfect body in months ? 




*sigh* This man is so sexy!!! Happy Tony Tuesday!


Robin x Barney AU: Inspired by youareoshawott’s fan-fiction

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fitz looking at olivia → requested by scandalmoments

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placidfalls: Thank youu!

you’re welcome :)

"I don’t love her

I don’t want her back. ” (x)


Josh Cam 3x15 Behind the Scenes #Scandal

awwww Tony in that white shirt **

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